Wooden pallets

Contact person: Rolands Dreimanis
As a rule, wooden pallets are used for loading and unloading various goods, providing optimization of product transportation.

The sizes and types of pallets are different. The production process is unique for each type and size of pallets, as the templates and equipment parameters change. Pallets are usually made of wood, although today, plastic and even metal pallets can also be used. Wooden pallets are more environmentally friendly, in comparison with plastic and metal pallets. Wooden pallets are better suited for long-term storage of goods and their delivery to the warehouse.

SIA ZUSA offers:
Non-standard wooden pallets of various types, shapes, and sizes. Our motto is: “We produce what others can’t!”
Standard wooden pallets
Light, with a loading capacity from 400 to 800 kg.
Heavy, with a loading capacity up to 2000 kg.
Euro pallets.
We offer free consulting on the implementation, optimization, and replacement of wooden pallets necessary for your production.

For advice or prices for wood pallets, please contact our specialist Rolands Dreimanis: +371 26466755 or rolands@zusa.lv.

Benefits from cooperation with SIA ZUSA:
constant and timely delivery of pallets;
individual approach;

Wooden pallets and boxes

We produce a variety of stands for parcels, pallets, and wooden boxes with various milling and drilling at the request of the customers.


Lumber and container boards

We offer timber, large timber, slats, boards, including unedged, of various sizes and lengths, as well as various tare boards of standard and non-standard sizes, which we manufacture on request.