About us

SIA ZUSA established in 2007, but our experience in the field of woodworking and logging goes back to 1999.

The company owns more than 1000 hectares of forest and farmland. Besides, the owners entrusted the company with more than 600 hectares of forest for environmentally friendly operation, confirming once again that SIA ZUSA is a loyal business partner. We offer the forest owners a piece of professional and free advice on forestry, as well as assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation for owners, heirs, and proxies. We also offer a full cycle of operations regarding forestry, cutting areas, sketching, and forest inventory, including taxation and optimization of the boundaries of real estate.

SIA ZUSA not only offers the forest owners to purchase logging or forest land at competitive prices but can also provide higher than the current market prices. SIA ZUSA is a company operating both in logging and woodworking – it increases the added value of our products.

The work of the company emphasizes efficiency, sense of responsibility, and stability. We individually assess every situation and offer personalized, integrated solutions that fully meet the interests of the customer. When making products for the client, we choose the best option. For example, for pallets, we give recommendations on the size, shape, and strength, which will bring maximum financial benefit. We work only with Latvian raw materials, and partners and customers highly appreciate the quality of our products both in local and foreign markets. The head of the company Ugis Zanders is a respected professional with many years of experience in the woodworking industry.

To estimate the market value of the property, we require the following documentation of the forest from the forest owners:

Land Book;
Land Book Certificate;
Personal Identity document (passport, ID-card);
Bank requisites.
About 40 thousand cubic meters of round timber, mainly from wood harvested by the company, is processed at our sawmill per year.

Here we produce wooden pallets, blanks for pallets, container boards, pallets, wooden boxes, and lumber. During the year, we provide about 70,000 pallets, which makes us one of the largest pallet manufacturers in the Saldus region.

Address of the woodworking facility and the office: highway A9 Riga–Liepaja, near the settlement of Butnari, Zirnu parish, Saldus district.

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