Contact person: Ugis Zanders
The cost of logging is individual for each case. We will carefully evaluate the actual state of the forest, types of plantings, tree species, development costs, the market price of wood, condition of access roads, and distance to the storage location. After this, a bilateral conclude with an agreement.
Before complete a contract, it is necessary to evaluate the volume and cutting type. Also, we measure each tree to calculate the volume of cutting.
For logging, you must obtain the appropriate certificate. After you receive the logging permission from the State Forest Service, we can conclude an agreement.
After the volume of the forest has been calculated for logging:

Payment is made partially (or in advance) for approximately the calculated amount. The contract indicates the price of the assortment. The final calculation is built based on the exported volume by the terms of the agreement and costs.

When State Forest Service obtain and issue the logging permit, we can conclude with an agreement.

We offer reforestation after logging.
At the end of the cutting, we clean the work area.
The round timber is stored at the road or delivered to the sawmill in Gaismas, Butnari, Zirnu parish, Saldus district.