Briquettes and pellets

Wood briquettes RUF

Wooden chip briquettes are 100% environmentally friendly solid fuel. Briquettes are classified as renewable energy, as produced by sawdust.

Wood briquettes have a high compression density, which gives excellent combustion and high calorific value. The briquettes are ideal for all solid fuel boilers and fireplaces, packed in 10 kg (12 pieces in a bunch), 960 kg on one pallet.

Sizes of wood chip briquettes: 60 x 90 x 150 mm.

Technical specification

Weight 0,85 kg
Humidity 5,7%
Ashes 1%
Capacity ~ 4500 kcal/kg

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are economical and environmentally friendly fuel from natural renewable sources with a high-calorie capacity of the pellets due to low humidity and higher compression density. Wood pellets are designed for both the private and public sectors and are modern fuel that does not require complicated maintenance. Which makes them one of the most popular fuels in Europe.
Eco-friendly 6 mm pellets.

Granules are packed in plastic bags of 15 kg or in bags of 1000-1100 kg.


Size 6 mm
Humidity 5,7%
Capacity 4855 kcal/kg
Ashes 0,4%