Selling the forest to SIA ZUSA

Contact person: Ugis Zanders
SIA ZUSA owns more than 1000 hectares of forest and land. Intending to continue expanding the area of forests and land, we buy real estate from individuals and legal entities.

The owners have entrusted the company more than 600 hectares of forest for environmentally friendly operation, once again confirming our reputation as a loyal business partner. We offer forest owners to transfer their property to SIA ZUSA for sustainable forest management.

To estimate the market value of the property, we require the following documentation of the forest from the forest owners:
Land Book;
Land Book certificate;
identification document (passport, ID-card);
bank requisites.
Action Plan:
reviewing the documents;
inspection of the property;
contacting the owner and making an offer;
arranging the paperwork at the notary;
signing the contract;
money transfer.