Acquisition of felling

Contact person: Ugis Zanders
If you want to sell a felling to SIA ZUSA, please, contact our professional logging master and owner of the enterprise Ugis Zanders
At least the following documentation of the felling owners should be provided to evaluate the market value:
cadastral number;
updated forest data, i.e., forest inventory;
your contact information.
Action Plan:
inspection of documents;
visiting the felling;
preparation of a detailed report on felling development opportunities;
contacting the owner and making a price offer.
What are the benefits of selling the felling to SIA ZUSA?

Having experience in logging since 1999, SIA ZUSA can guarantee high-quality professional development of felling. According to the agreement with the owner, after cutting off the felling, we can ensure restoration of the forest. It provides maintenance and sustainability. We offer the highest price in Kurzeme for aspen and white alder. The company will help you complete all the necessary documentation related to the preparation of the felling for development. Payment is released on the same day when the contract concludes.

We remind you that the forest brings maximum benefits only with thorough and loving care!